Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Growing Up

Just some more reminders that these little ones are growing up so fast!

Ethan started pulling himself last week.  Now it's a regular occurrence.  He's even a naughty little stinker, standing up in his crib and jabbering to J.D. when they're supposed to be taking their naps!

J.D. is quite the big helper, always making sure Ethan doesn't put things in his mouth.  He took the initiative to give Ethan a ball to play with and give him a stroller ride last night.

I just couldn't resist putting this picture up.  I love his smile!

And look at my big girl.  Today was the first day she got the courage to swing on our swingset!  She would do it on the swings that have the flexible seats that you kind of sink down into, but she never felt secure enough to do it on ours.  She laughed the whole time!

I love watching them play together!  Oh, I could just squeeze them!

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  1. I could squeeze them too! Love their sweet smiles, hugs, and fun times! I'm so happy to be their Aunt!!!