Monday, February 27, 2012

School Fun

J.D. surprised me a little bit today during school.  We do a lot of math activities with these little bears, and we also use the dry erase boards that the kids got for Christmas from Grandma Bream.  On a whim, I told J.D. that I was going to set out a certain number of bears, and that he needed to count them and write the correct answer on the board.  Honestly, I was just curious to see what he would do.  I had NO IDEA he actually knew how to write his numbers!!!  He wrote the correct answer every time! 

So I went a step further and told him that I was going to set out an addition problem for him.  Here's his answer:

I got all excited and grabbed the camera, but then he got embarrassed and didn't want to show his face.

Kaylah usually does exactly what J.D. does for school.  It keeps her occupied, and she's picking up bits and pieces along the way too.  She didn't want to be left out of the math problem pictures:

Isn't she smart?  :)


  1. Oh, no! The Einstein is coming out! Oh how smart my grand kids are. :)

  2. They have a smart Mommy!! You do such a good job with them MaryEllen:-) Kaylah's picture of her "school" is hilarious...she thought so too!! hehehe...such a silly! Love them bunches:-)

  3. Super, JD! Aunt 'Libeff' sure would love to watch you do some math. Keep it up, Mom! Your diligence is paying off! Kaylah, I enjoyed your math too!