Monday, January 23, 2012

Kaylah's "Fancy Hair"

My mom likes to tell the story about when I was little and she curled my hair for church on Sunday. One of the boys in my class said that I had "fancy hair."  Now that I'm mommy to a little girl, I decided it's time to subject her to some of the torture Saturday night hair curling rituals that I got to endure enjoy.

All rolled up on rag rollers

The result: fancy hair!

Kaylah's attempt at making some kind of vain face.  I hope she never learns how to do it right!


  1. too cute:-) what was so funny about it was JD's explanation of her hair..."Aunt Lauren, look at Kaylah! She has big hair!"

  2. Hey, what is this about enduring and torturing? :) Well, it was fun while it lasted. You all grow up too fast. You'll see!

  3. My girls love it when I do this to their hair! We can only do it during the dry season because it falls out before we can get to church in the morning with the humidity during the rainy season. Looks like she really liked it!