Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All About Ethan

Ethan turned 5 months old yesterday, and as promised, here is a post all about him.

As I have said several times before, he is just so sweet and so good.  This picture was taken at our Lockhart family Christmas party.  He went to sleep without so much as a peep.  It sure makes life easy when we have to go somewhere to have him just sleep when it's time to sleep and wake up happy.

Fresh out of the bath

Having fun playing outside.

Although he is quiet and sweet, he is very active.  He's working on learning to roll over, and whenever he's in his rocker seat (the one in the previous picture) he kicks his feet up and down to make himself rock.  When we're holding him he rocks back and forth like he's in a rocking chair.  He's usually pretty serious, but his brother and sister can get him to laugh.


I hope you enjoyed seeing a little more of Ethan.  I'm sure as he gets older and starts running around it will be easier to include him in the pictures.  Right now he just spends most of his time sitting quietly in his chair while I chase the two (crazy!) older ones.

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